Der Hauptsitz von Dongguan Guohen wurde im November mit einer guten Punktzahl von 180,2 im RBA-Audit ausgezeichnet und hat das Audit erfolgreich bestanden!

In May this year, Guohen already experienced a preliminary RBA review, and I believe we all have a deep understanding of the rigorousness of the RBA review, the complexity of the project, and the high standards. As the last review, the November audit was more stringent than the initial audit. In this review, all departments continued to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, showing a high degree of cooperation, as well as a high level of enthusiasm for the challenge, so that Guoheng finally obtained a high score of 180.2. We have passed this review of our social responsibility system, which we have never participated in before and have zero experience in, marking the end of 2022 and opening a new chapter for the upcoming 2023 ......

RBA audit, as one of the important work in 2022, has received exceptional attention from the company's leadership and all departments. We have never participated in such a strict audit before, and we have no experience at all. For this purpose, we have also invited tutors in relevant areas to coach us, and under the guidance of the tutors, we have established a complete system of social responsibility.

It can be said that this 180.2 score is the result of the efforts and hard work of many employees and the strength of many departments. The close cooperation and sincere cooperation among all departments and employees, with the interests of the company in mind, is the highest expression of Guoheng's core value----"teamwork"!



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